A new Path to Adventure with the Alpenchallenge AMP Cross

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Grenchen, Switzerland June 26th, 2018 – BMC’s Mountainroad series introduces an AMPlified version of the popular Alpenchallenge. Breaking from convention, the new Alpenchallenge AMP Cross is primed for the adventurer who prefers not to choose between style and performance. A lightweight bike built to deliver all-day comfort in a super-sleek aesthetic, the Alpenchallenge AMP Cross is designed for riders who enjoy riding off pavement in search of back-road adventures.

Designed and engineered with the premium Swiss attention to detail BMC is known for, the Alpenchallenge AMP Cross features a lightweight carbon chassis with an integrated drive unit for the ultimate cross-section of functionality and style. The Alpenchallenge AMP Cross utilizes BMC’s Micro Travel Technology, which adds 10mm of damped comfort for an enjoyable dirt-road ride while maximizing traction for the powerful Shimano drive system. The new Alpenchallenge also features a trail-ready wheelset, and its all-terrain capabilities are further enhanced via a mountain bike drivetrain.

“Our Alpenchallenge AMP Cross is built for off-road adventures and is an incredibly versatile e-bike. Think of it as a touring bike with unlimited off-road capability. The well-thought-out specifications make it an ideal tool for daily rides, whether on local paths or unknown back-road terrain,” says Mart Otten, BMC Switzerland’s Senior Road Product Manager.

Using Premium Carbon, BMC developed one of the lightest e-bikes on the market. The expertise in advanced carbon layups allowed optimizing the frame to meet the higher structural requirements of an e-bike without compromising agility and responsiveness.

Micro Travel Technology (MTT) is BMC’s innovative solution for rear-end compliance, and the result of shaped chainstays and seatstays through complex carbon layups and the dual-guide, integrated XCell damper. MTT provides 10mm of tuned travel for a comfortable ride on diverse urban terrain, provides comfort during seated pedaling additional, and improves rear-wheel- traction to match the added power of the Shimano drive unit. MTT comes at no weight penalty and seamlessly integrates into the frame design–the perfect combination of function and form.

The central battery position creates a low, natural-feeling center of gravity that neutralizes the dynamic influence of the battery weight. The result is a natural ride feel and the sharp, responsive handling for which BMC bikes are known.

The limited-edition models feature BMC’s ICS cockpit with the cables routing through the stem. In addition to its very sophisticated appearance, ICS also extends durability of those components. The all-road wheelset features robust rims, durable hubs, and all-terrain tires, which make easy work of both unpaved roads and asphalt terrain, alike. Normally found on BMC’s elite road bikes, the Alpenchallenge AMP Cross utilizes the elegant D-Shape seatpost which provides outstanding compliance while in the saddle, and also saves weight.

The new Alpenchallenge AMP Cross is available in the following models: Alpenchallenge AMP Cross LTD and Alpenchallenge AMP Cross ONE and available in sizes S, M and L.

BMC Switzerland

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