Stockholm: Energy Observer's 38th stopover 2019

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Energy Observer arrived at Stockholm for the 38th stopover on its journey around the world, that will tour Northern Europe this year. Led by Victorien Erussard, Founder and Captain and Jérôme Delafosse, Expedition Leader, the first hydrogen vessel around the world with no greenhouse gases or fine particle emissions, was welcomed by Fredrik Lindstål, Vice-Mayor of Stockholm and President of the Stockholm Ports and H.E.Mr. David Cvach, French Ambassador to Sweden.
She will be moored in the heart of the Swedish capital right in front of the Royal Palace from the 24th of May to the 2nd of June.
“It’s a great honor to welcome Energy Observer, a pioneer in sustainable maritime innovations and engineering, in the Ports of Stockholm, declared Fredrik Lindstål Vice-Mayor of Stockholm and Chairman of the Board for the Ports of Stockholm. Maritime transport is one of the best means of transport, one of today’s most efficient and will remain so in the future. Still, we must integrate solutions that are more respectful of the environment, of which Energy Observer is a good example. ”
The vessel, her crew, and the traveling exhibition are arriving at a special time. The 24th of May has been declared the day of a global strike for climate by Youth for Climate rallying behind Greta Thunberg. A strong sign that shows the power of mobilization in favor of a new model for the future of our planet.
It should be noted that Sweden was the host for the first Earth Summit in 1972.
“I was able to participate in this youth climate movement today in Stockholm, explains Jérôme Delafosse. It’s incredible to see this energy and to be present with Energy Observer. We crossed the 10,000 islands of the archipelago before reaching the centre of one of the greenest capitals in the world. Here the inhabitants are 100% committed to ecology and have really succeeded in reducing their environmental impact.”
Sweden is taking action in many areas of environmental policy, made especially possible by strong technological innovations but also through taxation of activities that harm the environment. The country is also an excellent student in questions of community involvement, education, quality of life, employment, housing, and social engagement.
The reduction of greenhouse gases emissions has made great progress and Sweden has set ambitious climate targets. It presents the most advanced level of energy transition in the European Union, with 54% of its energy sourced from sustainable sources (2016). It also shares responsibility with its neighboring countries for the very vulnerable marine ecosystem of the Baltic Sea.
Sweden’s investments in research and development contributes significantly to this energy transition. Last year, the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs created a hub consisting of renowned research institutes, with the purpose to study the link between security and the risks related to climate change. As a symbol of this commitment, the Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to William Nordhaus and Paul Romer for their work on climate change and technological innovation in economic analysis.
As such, Sweden is a particularly interesting country for Energy Observer’s teams, who will be able to discover and share the solutions they’ll encounter regarding energy transition.
For Victorien Erussard “this stopover is important. We’re very touched by the warm welcome from the city and the Ports of Stockholm. We will be able to share the innovations of our floating smart grid with the widest possible public, through our decentralized, digitalized, and carbon-free energy system and our mobile exhibition.”
Building on its two years of navigation and over 20,000 km sailed, powered by renewable energies and hydrogen (produced from the electrolysis of seawater), Energy Observer is once again equipped with wind propelled wings that will maximize energy autonomy, give it more speed and allow for hydrogen production while navigating.
“I am very happy to welcome Energy Observer to Stockholm and to introduce our Swedish friends to this extraordinary marine laboratory and its innovations in energy self-sufficiency. France and Sweden are working closely together to fight global warming, notably through the Franco-Swedish Partnership for Innovation and Green Solutions signed by both countries in 2017, which is set to be renewed in June this year. This stopover will contribute to Franco-Swedish dialogue regarding the ecological transition” explained H.E.Mr. David CVACH, French Ambassador to Sweden.

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